veronique - unique pieces handcrafted in vienna

Hi there!
We are veronique. Founded in 2014 by Veronica and Francis. All of our products are 100% designed and handcrafted in Vienna, Austria. Clever, thoughtful and unexpected designs carefully developed and mastered by our own hands.
From the first scetch to the packaging of the final product we guarantee that every piece is unique and handcrafted in-house. To ensure the best possible product, each piece goes through a final quality inspection before it leaves our studio.
From the start, we focused on the use of high quality materials, used different patterned fabrics and mixed them with leather and other materials we find absorbing. Each season, we continue to explore new and innovative materials to remain interesting and up to date.

We are influenced by the city we live in, by nature, birds, clouds, sunshine and love. This collected inspiration leads into the creation of our bags. We share a passion for different kinds of bags used for articles of divergent nature but most of all bags and cases for your electronic devices.
The best things are handcrafted. And the nicest thing is love. So we handcraft our items with love to make the best and nicest products possible.
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